Cyprus Fake ID & Cyprus Fake Driving Licence

The Cypriot identity card is issued to citizens of Cyprus. It can be used as a travel document when visiting countries in Europe (except BelarusMoldova (old version), RussiaUkraine and United Kingdom), as well as French overseas territoriesMontserrat and Georgia. This document is not valid in Turkey.

In February 2015 the Republic of Cyprus started issuing biometric identity cards.

In August 2020, new ID cards conforming to new EU standards under Regulation 2019/1157 began to be issued.[3]


The colour of the current Cypriot identity card is a light shade of cyan. The coat of arms of Cyprus is situated in the center on both sides of the card. On the top left of the front side, the name of the Republic of Cyprus’ is printed in English, Greek (Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία [cipɾiaˈci ðimokɾaˈti.a]), and Turkish (Kıbrıs Cumhuriyeti [ˈkɯbɾɯs d͡ʒumhuɾijeˈti]), and is situated to the right of a smaller grayscale coat of arms. Cards issued according to Regulation 2019/1157 feature the flag of Europe with Cyprus’ two-letter country code, CY, printed in negative under the card number. The card is valid for 10 years (5 years for minors under 18) from the time of issue.


The information in this page refers to FULL non-vocational driving licences.

FULL driving licences issued in the Republic of Cyprus from Monday 29th June 2015 will be EU photo-card licences.

Student/learner drivers, those reaching 70 years and UK licence holders, should read this page and those pages specifically for those groups on this site.

If you are resident in Cyprus and from the EU :

1) You can drive on your FULL domestic EU licence until it expires.
a) the licence was issued by an EU member state,
b) it is valid,
c) you have reached the minimum ages applicable in Cyprus.

You cannot change the address on your EU licence to one outside the issuing country. It is accepted within the rules that the address will be from the issuing country and will not be current.

2) You may exchange your EU licence for a Cyprus driving licence, which is exchanged on a like for like basis.

If your licence is in a language other than Greek or English you have to supply a certified translation. This must be done by the Embassy of your Country or the Cyprus Press and Information Office.

Cyprus may refuse to recognize the validity of a driving licence issued in another State where the holder has a licence that is restricted, suspended or revoked or cancelled in another State.

A driver cannot hold more than one driving licence issued by an EU State.

When your current EU or National licence expires:

It must be renewed in your country of current residence.
Photo card licences only have a validity of between 10 and 15 years depending on country of issue and should be renewed before they expire.
The earliest a driving licence can be renewed in Cyprus is within the last month before the expiry of the old one.

If your current EU or National licence is lost or stolen:

It must be replaced by one issued in your country of current residence. The replacement will be based on proof, supplied by you, from the issuing country.

Cyprus driving licence

To obtain a Cyprus licence.

Application would normally be made in person at the District Offices of the District Offices of the Department of Transport, CSC or the Post Office CSC at District Post Offices, with the documents shown below. I would recommend the Citizen Service Centers or the Post Office CSC .