Czech Republic Fake ID & Czech Republic Driving Licence

The Czech national identity card (Czechobčanský průkazcitizen card, literally civic certificateCzech pronunciation: [ˈoptʃanskiː ˈpruːkas]) is the identity document used in the Czech Republic (and formerly in Czechoslovakia), in addition to the Czech passport. It is issued to all citizens, and every person above 15 years of age permanently living in the Czech Republic is required by law to hold a valid identity card.[2]

The top left (A) and top right (B) corners may be cut off. The top left (A) corner is cut off in case of permanent stay change. The top right (B) corner is cut off in case of any other personal data change (name, surname, sex, marital status etc.). A yellow piece of paper stating what information have changed should be presented with the identity card until a new identity card with correct data is issued. The identity card with one of those corners cut off is still a valid identity card.

In the last few weeks before printing began, we carried out intensive final testing of the CDBP (Travel Documents with Biometric Features) system, which is part of the project for issuing new biometric ID cards. It was especially necessary to thoroughly test the proper functioning of new software applications in municipal offices, where applications for new biometric cards will be submitted. Our production technology was already more or less ready to produce ID cards with contactless chips, but we had to make an extensive modification to the personalisation system.

The time period for issuing new identity cards has not changed. The Ministry of the Interior offers citizens three options for the issue of a new card: the first is “standard” with an administration period of 30 days. For shorter issue periods there is the option “lightning” (5 days) and “super-lightning”, where cards will be issued in just 24 hours.

“Provided that the validity of licences (driving licence, driver‘s qualification card) has expired during the state of emergency, these licences are considered valid. The licences’ holders should not be sanctioned in a proceeding for an activity conducted with a licence, which expired during the state of emergency”, states the ministry’s methodology opinion submitted to the municipal authorities with extended powers and regional authorities.

This measure is valid only during the state of emergency and on the territory of the Czech Republic. The Ministry of Transport negotiates with the European Commission on a proposal to extend the validity of expired driving licences until 31 March 2021.